F1 Goldendoodle Puppies Expected December 2018

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F1 Golden Doodle
Dogwood Goldendoodles is currently expecting a litter of F1 goldendoodles due the last week of December 2018. They will be ready to go to their new homes late February/early March 2019. We tentatively have them priced anywhere from 800-1,200 depending on the color and gender. Attached are some pictures of the father, mother, and former puppies we have raised. At this time we are just trying connect with people who may be interested, we will not accept down payments until they are born at the end of the month. Thank you!
46765905_576664179450686_7836089336729698304_n.jpg DSC_0464.JPG (1).jpg 10-12-18-2753.jpg 40461429_285669808695510_4704488240080486400_n.jpg