Cuddliest cutest Bengal boy


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Once you take this baby boy into your arms you will not want to let go. He will melt your heart! This baby has been more like an actual baby, he loves to be held and when not being held he will hang onto my shoulder while I am doing anything and everything around the house. It truly is the cutest ever!!! Since the day he was born he has demanded the most attention. If you are not holding him he will let you know that he is not very happy because he will tell you. You can tell him that you cannot hold him right now and he will let you know that he is not happy but he will go play with the others. I really think that he thinks that he is human. This little boy has really brought me a lot of joy and I do wish that I could keep him but I have a new litter on the way and I like to concentrate on one litter at a time. This little boy would do great with other pets nut if you stay home, that would be even better