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Mom was Chihuahua and Dad is Pomeranian. Their Mom had complications during and after birth and 2 puppies didn't make it and 3 weeks after birthing the puppies the Mom developed an infection in her bladder and uterus sadly causing her to have to be put down. We were dedicated to her puppies and have cared for them for the last 3 weeks. They are spunky and full of life and ready to find their forever home now.
Hello fellow pet lovers! I'll be honest right off the bat and let everyone know that I am not a fan of selling animals and have never done it before so I have never registered my pets! I've always taken the time to get my baby animals as healthy as possible and prepared to take on this unpredictable and dangerous world before "Giving" them to a loving home. To me a happy life is what matters! But, unfortunately, life has not been so fortunate to me lately as I am recently a single mom of a litter of my 5 children! Lol. Their father unexpectedly died in an accident last year and we've been struggling to maintain ever since. All I'm wanting is to be reimbursed for the $ I've put out to take care of them and have them 100% ready to go and on the right path by getting only the best milk substitute, a professional exam, first shots & deworming at 2, 4, 6 weeks of age. Ive also been clipping their nails since they opened their eyes to get them accustomed to the feel and noise. Each pup has been eating puppy food and drinking water since 4 weeks old and going potty outside after meals and naps. Each puppy comes with a stainless steel bowl and 2 pee-pee pads since they are used to them when stuck indoors. They are very well socialized with all the kids and attention they get and they love other animals. All I ask is you love them as much as we do...furever!


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