Cane Corso for Sale in Register, Georgia

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Cane Corso
Georgia - GA
Roscoe is a 3 yr old Italian Cane Corso. He was abandoned to me by his owner, I am a dog trainer. I need help finding his forever home! He CANNOT go to a home with kids or dogs. He needs somebody who is home often, a regular 8 hr workday is fine. Preferably a man, physically active, single (I promise this is NOT a dating ad) and has handled large dogs. Roscoe is aggressive but it can be controlled, he has had minimal issues with me. Let me be clear, he is not aggressive to his handler. Only to others and other dogs. He needs room to run and play. Roscoe is trained in on and off leash obedience and is a great alert dog. Fully house trained, crate trained, wonderful manners (doesnt jump or bark unnecessarily). He often roams by property by himself, not for too long, a few minutes, but he does not need to be on a tie out. His training is worth $2500 or more. He comes with his kennel, collar, prong collar, muzzle, meds, 1st bag of dog food. I cannot keep him much longer and he will not do well in a shelter. Would be perfect for that grumpy man in your life who is a homebody but needs a goofy companion.

Asking only $700.


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