Border Collie Puppies, New Litter, Beautiful and Healthy

William Halm

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We are located in Brooksville, Florida, which is about 45 min. North of Tampa, Florida. Our border collies live a country life and are close to the family. We have a new litter of healthy, beautiful pups. Puppies are well socialized from the time they are born, until they find their new home.

Border collies are considered highly intelligent. They can recognize up to eight people by name, can be taught hundreds of terms, and can learn multiple hand signals. They are extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdog trials and dog sports.

We do not recommend crating a border collie. (The dog HATES being crated.) The dog will become depressed, whine, and/or become destructive to property.

We have six pups currently for sale. We keep our puppies with their mom until they are 8 weeks old - at which point they are ready to head to their new home. They are 8 weeks on December 14th. If interested, you are welcome to visit the pups. Please make an appointment by texting or emailing us. You can also visit our site at which we will keep updated each week with the puppies progress and pictures.


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