Australian Shepherd & Border Collie Mix for Sale

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Australian Shepherd & Border Collie Mix
Born 9-18-2014
His name is PA
He is 50lbs

He's a 4 year old sweetheart! House train, crate trained & knows basic commands. He's literally the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He's been well rounded with what he's been exposed to and literally gets alone with every dog & every cat & any aged child! He's the love of my life and I cant believe my life has taken a turn that forces me to get rid of him. I have his shot records, chip ID info and more. He will come with a large variety of things I've collected for him since I've owned him (since he was born) such as different doggie clothes, bowls, different matching collar & leash sets etc.
He's a beautiful dog and would make anyone, any age, a wonderful friend!!! You may think he's high energy bc of his breeds but he's not. He's very average energy level. He ONLY cares about you....he loves every person he meets and wants your attention 24/7!! Haha I'm asking $250 for him. I only want money for him because I feel like that guarantees his well-being more then giving him away & he MUST go to someone who will keep him until his old and grey days and he dies of old age. If anything happens and it doesnt work out, I'd only accept you giving him back. Nothing else!! I dont care if you're in africa... I'll come for him and that's how it must be! So plan to keep me updated from time to time if you're the lucky one who gets him ;)

My name is Rachel.

PS please dont change his name.


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