American Eskimo Pure Bred Puppies


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I have 5 male American Eskimo Puppies for sale. They were born on October 7th. They're 4 weeks old as of November 6, and will be able to go home the weekend of December 15/16. I keep these puppies for 10 weeks in order for them to be weewee pad trained and well socialized. The puppies stay with the parents the full 10 weeks to learn manners and the proper pecking order. When you take your puppy home they will have their first shots and their dewormer. When you pick your new family member, if you have a name picked out we start calling him by the name you choose. We will send you plenty of photos and updates over the weeks so you can see your puppies growth and progress. You are also welcome to visit your puppy if you are able to do so when you please. For an easier transition for the puppy from going from our home to yours, I ask you to send me a blanket or old shirt for the puppies to lay on; this is so the scent of the other puppies, mother and father are on it. You are more than welcome to text me anytime with questions 845-803-7333. They will have a health guarantee and vet records. Your puppy will only go home with you if it has the approval of the vet, so you will not be getting an unhealthy puppy. I have references from the mother's previous litter, I would be more than happy to share them with you to ease your mind. The price for these babies is $1,000.00 with a $500.00 deposit hold for you. The mother, Stella, is a large miniature at 18lbs, and the father, Saki, is a small standard at 32lbs.


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