American Akita for Rehoming in Laurel, Maryland


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American Akita
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December 1, 2017
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Maryland - MD
Before you think of adopting this beautiful boy, please be aware of the American Akita breed. He is very lovable to his family because we raised him from 8 weeks and we are all he knows. However, he is very cautious of people he doesnt know and will need to be eased into you're family if you plan on adopting him. He is dog aggressive and can be aggressive towards a person he does not know. We tried our best with the schedules we had to train him to behave outside the house but this breed is too difficult for us. If you are an experienced dog trainer, or even just a person who has experience with Akitas and would like to adopt Katsu, please contact us. We really want him to find a person who can give him the attention he deserves because we cannot fulfill that with our busy schedule.

Side Note: Please, if you have children don't let him around them, I don't know how he is with kids but he was friendly with them around 6 months but I am not sure how he is with them now.

Also he is 1 year old (turned 1 on December 1st 2018)


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