AKC Registered Parsons Jack Russell Terrier for Sale

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Jack Russell Terrier
"Sampson" is an 8 year old AKC registered Parsons Jack Russell. He has been with me for a few months now while working on his indoor manners as they were very poor initially. He now walks on a leash, sleeps in his crate, and is for the most part house broken(so long as he is let out appropriately to do his business). He is a dominant dog and becomes stressed around multiple dogs. He is territorial of food. I have been working with him on the issue but he would do best in a single dog home. He is very loving once he becomes accustomed to his surroundings but will wander off if he is let off leash outside. So must be on leash outside everytime he is outside of a fence. His rehoming fee is eighty dollars
He is located in Dillon, Mt


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